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Welcome to Dansm's Guitar Freeware! My name is Dan Smith, I'm a senior at Cornell, and I've been playing guitar for 4 years now. This page contains the best freeware on the net for making you a better guitarist. All of it is made for PC.

Disclaimer: None of the software below was written by me. If the file is not downloaded from my site (i.e. within the www.dreamscape.com/esmith/dansm/ directory structure) then I cannot guarantee the safety of the file. Always use anti-virus software on any file you download from the net. I hope you enjoy the software!

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Notation Software

TabMaster Tablature Program
the program I use to write all my tabs (46K)

Blank Tab Paper
6-line tab paper! save this file, print it out, and start writing tabs (2K, MSWord)

Blank Staff Paper
the 5-line staff! save this file, print it out, and start writing music (2K, MSWord)

Chord Software

NutChords Chord Finder
find or figure out any chord using this program by Sami Saarnio (97K)

Tuner Software

Tuner for Win3.x (2.2M)
Tuner for Win95/98/NT (2.1M)
a great freeware tuner from RedDoor Interactive

Tuner for Win95/NT
tunes your guitar accurately using a microphone and your sound card

Metronome Software

Metronome for Win3.x (1.3M)
Metronome for Win95/98/NT (1.3M)
an incredible freeware metronome from RedDoor Interactive

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