Animal Song
Martin Sexton & Ned Claflin

Martin Sexton
The American
I saw Marty for a second time on October 9, 1998, and
I just can't help bowing to the guy.  He is absoutely
unreal.  This is the first tune off the new album that
I'm doing; it is hilarious in concert, and I hope to
perform it someday.  Now if I only had a falsetto...

Note: Make sure you listen to the rhythm of the guitar during the song. It is very important but I couldn't notate it completely here. INTRO: | | | | G F G F G F G F
G F G F You cuddle the cats pet all the pup-pups G F G F I'm left here playing your fool G F G F You love how they look love how they play G F G F Apparently animals rule
CHORUS C F G So I howl at the moon C F G And I beg and do tricks for you F G F G F What's the matter baby ain't I an animal too
I hunt like a hawk purr like a kitten Almost as loyal as your dog Kiss me tonight pretend I'm your prince I will gladly be your big bullfrog
CHORUS And I howl at the moon And I'll beg and do tricks for you What's that child is there no satisfyin' you play intro chords over this ad-libbed vocal Maybe if I howl maybe if I howl Will that do if for you (howling...)
BRIDGE F G F G F Apparently you want someone who won't talk back to you G F G F That ain't me child G F G F That ain't me
guitar tacet, drums continue Now I sing like a bird run like a stallion Mean as your pitbull in June guitar re-enters But you're causin' me pain pulling on my chain And that ain't something I'd be doing now
CHORUS I ain't gonna howl at the moon for you And I ain't gonna beg I ain't gonna roll over too F 'Cause I found out yesterday F All my friends the information they be sayin' to me F G F Aaaay that I'm too much animal for you____ G F G F G F Too much animal for you to handle baby keep playing intro over ad-libbed vocals (howling...) No more ha-ya-ya... end on C

Created on 10-31-98 by Daniel E. Smith.