Martin Sexton

Martin Sexton
Black Sheep
Marty does this whole thing solo: guitar, vocals, harmonies.
It is completely awesome.  And the story is kind of funny
even though I think it's true (Marty introduced the song like
this: "Here's a song about a friend of mine").  Make sure
you try the slight alternate tuning he uses.  I'm going to
have fun with this one...


Tuning: EADGAE (low-to-high) INTRO:
A F#m6 Dsus2 E ! (bend neck) + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-7---------------|-0-------0-------|-----------------|-0-------0---0-0-|-----0-----------| B:-7---------------|-0---------0-0-0-|-0---0---0---0-0-|-0---------0-0-0-|-----0-------0-0-| G:-7---------------|-2---2-------2-2-|-2---2---2---2-2-|-2---2-------2-2-|-1---1-------1-1-| D:-7---------------|-2-----------2-2-|-1---1---1---1-1-|-0-----------0-0-|-2-------2---2-2-| A:-----------------|-0-----------0-0-|-x---x---x---x-x-|-----------------|-2-------2-------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-2---2---2---2-2-|-----------------|-0-------0-------| A F#m6 Dsus2 E + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-0-------0-------|-----------------|-0-------0-------|-----0-----------| B:-0---------0-0-0-|-0---0---0---0-0-|-0---------0-0-0-|-----0-------0-0-| G:-2---2-------2-2-|-2---2---2---2-2-|-2---2-------2-2-|-1---1-------1-1-| D:-2-----------2-2-|-1---1---1---1-1-|-0-----------0-0-|-2-------2---2-2-| A:-0-----------0-0-|-x---x---x---x-x-|-----------------|-2-------2-------| E:-----------------|-2---2---2---2-2-|-----------------|-0-------0-------|
This is the verse (play four times per verse): hey little jail bait tell me your story A F#m6 Dsus2 E + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----------0-----|-----------0-----|-0-----0-----0---|-----------0-----| B:-0---0---0---0-0-|---------------0-|-0-------0---0---|-----0-----------| G:-2---2---2---2-2-|-2---2---2-------|-2---2-------2---|-1---1---------1-| D:-2---2---2---2-2-|-1---1---1-------|-0-----------0---|-2-------2-----2-| A:-0---0---0---0-0-|-x---x---x-------|-----------------|-2-------2-------| E:-----------------|-2---2---2-------|-----------------|-0-------0-------|
play intro Hey little jail bait tell me your story Let me bum a smoke and we can chat a while I want to see you talk straight so let me hear your story Before you get off and make your change play 2nd line of intro
PRE-CHORUS D E A F# You see lately I've found that there's hell going 'round Dsus2 E A And honey you've given one big chase to my strain
CHORUS G Dsus2 A Talkin bout a woman who's lost a lot of days in this life G Dsus2 A Talkin bout a woman who just can't say no G Dsus2 A She needs another lover like she needs another dose in her blood G Dsus2 A F#m6 Dsus2 E Talkin bout a woman who's name is Candy A F#m6 Dsus2 E She's so fine A F#m6 Dsus2 E She's waiting on a back street line A F#m6 Dsus2 A* A/G# A7/G Like a lost angel not long for this world
Don't usually get emotional don't usually show my veins she said Only when I sing or when I'm making tracks Sweatin's just a mean way to show me where I am And to tell me where I need to be
PRE-CHORUS And through those eyes if she wore her disguise I'd see through it and say come in from the rain girl the rain girl
CHORUS Talkin bout a woman she loves me like a dog loves a bone Talkin about a woman who just can't let go I need her as my lover like I need another hole in my head I'm talkin about a woman I know Candy She's so fine But she's shaking on that back street line A F#m6 Dsus2 A* A/G# A7/G Like a loose cannon ashamed to explode A* A/G# A7/G A(V)
CHORUS ad-lib vocals G Dsus2 A G Dsus2 A G Dsus2 A* A/G# A7/G When will I learn to let you go A* A/G# A7/G You're my Candy A* A/G# A7/G A(V) You're my lost angel not long for this world

E 022100 F#m6 2x120x Dsus2 xx0200 D xx0202 F# 2443xx G 320003 A x02200 A(V) xx7605 A* xxx909 A/G# xxx809 A7/G xxx709 To learn why these chords are named this way, check out
Dansm's Guitar Chord Theory.

Created on 4-11-98; updated on 10-20-98 by Daniel E. Smith.