Dam Would Break
Glenn Phillips & Toad

Toad the Wet Sprocket
On April 27, 1997, Toad came to Cornell, so I went and saw them.
They ROCKED.  They played this song, along with Come Down and Throw It
All Away from this album (and some others that I don't remember).
But this song was my favorite new one and it's such an easy song so try
it out.  Hopefully I have beaten everyone to it and have the first tab
of this song.  Also, if you get a chance to see Toad, do it!


Capo 6th INTRO (2x) Am + + . + + + + . + + + + . + + + + . + + e:-----0-0---0-0---|-----0-0---0-0---|-----0-0---0-0---|-----0-0---0-0---| B:-0h1-1-1---1-0---|-0h1-1-1---1-0---|-0h1-1-1---1-0---|-0h1-1-1---1-0---| G:-0h2-2-2---2-2---|-0h2-2-2---2-2---|-0h2-2-2---2-2---|-0h2-2-2---2-2---| D:-2---2-------2---|-2---2-------2---|-2---2-------2---|-2---2-------2---| A:-0---0-------0---|-0---0-------0---|-0---0-------0---|-0---0-------0---| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| Dm Dsus4/G + + . + + + + . + + + + . + + + + . + + e:-1---1-1---1-1---|-1---1-1---1-1---|-3---3-3---3-3---|-3---3-3---3-3---| B:-3---3-3---3-3---|-3---3-3---3-3---|-3---3-3---3-3---|-3---3-3---3-3---| G:-0h2-2-2---2-0---|-0h2-2-2---2-0---|-0h2-2-2---2-0---|-0h2-2-2---2-0---| D:-0---0-------0---|-0---0-------0---|-0---0-------0---|-0---0-------0---| A:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-3---3-------3---|-3---3-------3---|
Now the verses begin. For the first verse, the bass plays and the acoustic strums these chords once: Dm Dsus4/G Am Is it this place that makes me fall from you Dm Dsus4/G Forget the words that once rang so true Now, the intro figure starts up again over the next part. Did we expect that life was ever fair, my God I sowed a field of rose and reaped a whipping rod
Here, the acoustic strums these chords: PRE-CHORUS F G And everything I've held to tight inside Em F Could make a part of me die G And if my lips could only speak the name Em The dam would break
During the chorus, the intro figure happens once. CHORUS La da doooooh La da doooooh
Now, the same thing happens again. What is this ice that gathers 'round my heart To stop the flood of warmth before it even starts It would make me blind to what I thought would always be The only constant in the world for me PRE-CHORUS And every hour of every day I need to fight from pulling away And if my mind could only loose the chain The dam would break
PRE-CHORUS For all the things I hid away And all the words I could not say The dam would break
CHORUS 4x End like this: Dsus4/G Am + + + + + + + + e:-3---------------|-^0--------------| B:-3---------------|-^1--------------| G:-2---------------|-^2--------------| D:-0---------------|-^2--------------| A:-----------------|-^0--------------| E:-3---------------|-----------------|
CHORDS: Am x02210 Dm xx0231 Dsus4/G 3x0233 F 103211 (thumb on 6th) G 320033 Em 022000

Created on 5-23-97 by
Daniel E. Smith.