Why Don't You Just Go Home
Greg Brown

Greg Brown
Slant 6 Mind
I got such a strong response from the first Greg Brown
tune that I decided to add this one.  It's very easy if
you've got that deep voice.  Catch Greg at the Falcon
Ridge Folk Festival in July '99.  I'll be there!

INTRO | | | | D D G Em A A D D D D
D G Em There's a whipporwhill in the rolling hills A G D It'll drive you crazy give you the chills D D D G Em There's a barn that got smaller and the blowed out cars A G A Beans climb up to the falling stars
CHORUS D G Em Why don't you just go home A D Why don't you just go home D G Em You've had enough wine and it's lamp-lighting time A D Why don't you just go home D
It's always too hot except when it's too cold The dogs is all rascals and the chickens are old God hung the moon way too low in the sky You're always laughing except when you cry
CHORUS FIDDLE SOLO play verse chords
Company for supper when the day is through People talk funny just like you New vines from the old dirt now ain't that sweet New songs from the old tunes to tap our feet
CHORUS play chorus tab with humming ad-lib end on D

Created on 6-14-99 by Daniel E. Smith.