Say Goodbye to Hollywood
Billy Joel

Billy Joel
This is my first Billy Joel song.  I picked up
the CD Greatest Hits I & II from Columbia House
and I fell in love with it all over again.  So
Here is one of the first acoustic songs I noticed
off it.  Hope you play it and enjoy it!

Note: I am tabbing this from a live version.  The real version
      may have slightly different lyrics.


C Bobby's drivin' through the city tonight F Through the lights in a hot new rent-a-car C He joins the lovers in his heavy machine F It's a scene down on Sunset Boulevard
CHORUS Dm Say goodbye to Hollywood G Am Say goodbye my baby F Say goodbye to Hollywood G7 C Say goodbye my baby
Johnny's taking care of things for a while And his style is so right for troubadours They got him sitting with his back to the door Now he won't be my fast gun anymore
BRIDGE Em Movin' on is chance G C You take anytime you try to stay G D Together whoa C Say a word out of line Em C You'll find that the friends you had are gone G Forever Dm Forever
SOLO play verse and chorus chords
So many faces in and out of my life Some will last some will just be now and then Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again
CHORUS then play C F with ad-lib until fade
For the chords to this song, check out
Dansm's Key to Chords.

Created on 11-24-97 by Daniel E. Smith.