Look Out For My Love
Neil Young

Neil Young
Someone requested this cool song, so I sat down
today and went through it.  The riff is really
fun, so work on it.  It isn't that hard at all.


INTRO (play 4x): E D Dsus2 A G + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----------0-----|-------2---0-0---|-----------------|-------3---3-3-0-| B:-------0-2-----3-|-------3---3-3---|-------2-3-2---0-|-------0---0-0-0-| G:---------------2-|-----------2---0-|-------2-2-2-----|-------0---0-0---| D:---------------0-|-----------0---0-|-2---------------|-----------------| A:-2---------------|-----------------|-0---------------|-2---------------| E:-0---------------|-----------------|-----------------|-3---------------|
The riff is played like this: own it you own it now you E + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-0---0-----------|-----------------|-0---0-----------|-----------------| B:-0---0-----------|-----------------|-0---0-----------|-----------------| G:-1---1-----------|-----------------|-1---1---------.-|---.-------------| D:-2---2---------7p|p6---6p4---------|-2---2-----9p6-7-|---6---5~~~~~~---| A:-2---2-----7h9---|---7-----5~~~~---|-2---2-----------|-----------------| E:-0---0-----------|-----------------|-0---0-----------|-----------------| own it E + + + + + + + + e:-0---0-----------|-----------------| B:-0---0-----------|-----------------| G:-1---1-----------|-----------------| D:-2---2---------7p|p6---6p4---------| A:-2---2-----7h9---|---7-----5~~~~---| E:-0---0-----------|-----------------|
play intro E D A G There's a lot to learn for wastin' time E D A G There's a heart that burns there's an open mind
CHORUS Bm G Look out for my love Bm G Look out for my love Bm G Look out for my love Bm G Look out for my love
RIFF You own it You own it now You own it
There's a weight on you but you can't feel it Livin' like I do it's hard for you to see it Was I hurt to bad can I show you daylight How can I be sad when I know that you might
BRIDGE C Look out for my love Em It's in your neighborhood C I know things are gonna change G But I can't say bad or good
RIFF play riff
Silver wings of morning shining in the gray day While the ice is fomring on a lonely runway Hydraulic wipers pumpin' till the window glistens Somethin' sayin' somethin' but no one seems to listen Men with walkie-talkies men with flashlights waving Up upon the tower clock reads daylight savings It's home again to you babe you know it makes me wonder Sitting in the quiet slipstream rolling in the thunder
SOLO play chorus chords
SOLO play chorus chords end on Bm

Created on 4-19-98 by
Daniel E. Smith.