Sweet Baby James
James Taylor

James Taylor
Sweet Baby James
This song is a really easy song from the Sweet Baby James album.
It's basically just pick the bass note and scratch the top strings,
kind of like S&G's America.  So enjoy it, have fun, and keep playin'!


Basically, all you do with these chords is pick the bass note (with your thumb), then strum the high strings to fill the measure. It should work for most parts. Just notice how he does the intro and that's basically the whole song. Here's the intro: There G G/F# Em7 A7sus4 + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-------3---3-|-----3---3-3-|-----3-3-3-3-|-----3---3---| B:-------3---3-|-----3---3-3-|-----3-3-3-3-|-----3---3---| G:-------0---0-|-----0---0-0-|-----0-0-0-0-|-----0---0---| D:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| A:-------------|-------------|-0-----------|-0-----------| E:-3-------2---|-0-----------|-------------|-------------|
D A G F#m There is a young cowboy he lives on the range Bm G D F#m His horse and his cattle are his only companions Bm G D F#m He works in the saddle and he sleeps in the canyons G D A Em7 Waiting for summer his pastures to change Asus2 A G A7sus4 D And as the moon rises he sits by his fire Bm G D A Thinking about women and glasses of beer G A7sus4 D And closing his eyes as the dogies retire Bm G D He sings out a song which is soft but it's clear Bm E7 As if maybe someone could hear A7sus4 D G A7sus4 D Goodnight you moonlight ladies Bm G D Rock-a-bye sweet baby James Bm G D Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose Bm E7 A7sus4 Won't you let me go down in my dreams G A D And rock-a-bye sweet baby James James D + + + + + + e:-------0-----|-0h2---------| B:-------3-----|-3-----------| G:-------2-----|-2-----------| D:-0---------0-|-------------| A:-------------|-------------| E:-------------|-------------|
Now the first of December was covered with snow So was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston Though the Berkshires seem dreamlike on account of that frosting With ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go There's a song that they sing when they take to the highway A song that they sing when they take to the sea A song that they sing of their home in the sky Maybe you can believe it if it helps you to sleep But singing works just fine for me So goodnight you moonlight ladies Rock-a-bye sweet baby James Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose Won't you let me go down in my dreams And rock-a-bye sweet baby James
G/F# 2x0033 Em7 022033 A7sus4 x02033 E7 022130 For the other chords, check my
key to chords. To learn why these chords are named this way, check out Dansm's Guitar Chord Theory.

Created on 6-14-97 by Daniel E. Smith.