Throw It All Away
Glen Phillips & Toad

Toad the Wet Sprocket
On April 27, 1997, Toad came to Cornell, so I went and saw them.
They ROCKED.  They played this song, along with Come Down and Dam
Would Break from this album (and some others that I don't remember).
Glen mentioned something about not really meaning for you to burn
your TV in your yard, so please don't.  This seems like a fun song
to do, so enjoy it!

G Take your cautionary tales Em And take your incremental gain C And all the sycophantic games D G And throw 'em all away
Burn your TV in your yard And gather 'round it with your friends And warm your hands upon the fire And start again
CHORUS C Take the story you've been sold G Em The lies that justify the pain C The guilt that weighs upon your soul D And throw 'em all away G
Tear up the calendar you bought And throw the pieces to the sky Confetti falling down like rain Like a parade to usher in your life
CHORUS Take the dreams that should've died The ones that kept you lying awake When you should've been alright And throw 'em all away G
BRIDGE Em D C Am Em D With the time I waste on the life I never had Em D C D I could've turned my - self into a better man
Guitar Solo play verse chords once
CHORUS C There is nothing you can buy G Em And there is nothing you can save Am C/B C To fill the hole inside your heart D Em G So throw it all away C D To fill the hole inside your heart
G Help me to empty out this house Em The wool I've gathered all these days Am C/B C And thought I couldn't do without D G And throw it all away
For these chords, check here.

Created on 6-21-97 by Daniel E. Smith.