What Would You Say
David Matthews

Dave Matthews Band
Under The Table And Dreaming
I ordered this CD when I ordered Gordon Lightfoot,
so here's the first song from it.  Dave does some
really incredible guitar work so I can't guarantee
accuracy, but this is my best attempt.  Enjoy!


INTRO FIGURE: This ditty is played first. I recommend fingerpicking this, but you don't have to. Play three times with ad-lib, then play the next line. A G 1/4 + + + + + + + + e:---------.---0-------------------|---------0---------------------| B:-----.---1---3/5~~~~-5---5-------|---------2---2^r(2)p0----------| G:-----2-----x---------6---6-------|-----2-----------------2-------| D:---------------------7---7-------|---------------------------2---| A:---------------------0---0---0---|-------------------------------| E:-0h3-----------------5---5-------|-0h3---------------------------| play fourth time: A G drums enter here... + + + + + + + + e:---------.---0-------------------|---------------------------------| B:-----.---1---3/5~~~~-5---5-------|---------------------------------| G:-----2-----x---------6---6-------|---------------------------------| D:---------------------7---7-------|-5-------------------------------| A:---------------------0---0---0---|-5-------------------------------| E:-0h3-----------------5---5-------|-3-------------------------------| X X X
After drums enter, the first guitar continues to play the intro part. A second guitar plays this figure, which is also the VERSE FIGURE and CHORUS FIGURE: A G A G + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-5-----5---5-5-5-|-3-----3---3-3-3-|-5-----5---5-5-5-|-3-----3---3-3-3-| B:-5-----5---5-5-5-|-3-----3---3-3-3-|-5-----5---5-5-5-|-3-----3---3-3-3-| G:-6-----6---6-6-6-|-4-----4---4-4-4-|-6-----6---6-6-6-|-4-----4---4-4-4-| D:-7-----7---7-7-7-|-5-----5---5-5-5-|-7-----7---7-7-7-|-5-----5---5-5-5-| A:-7-----7---7-7-7-|-5-----5---5-5-5-|-7-----7---7-7-7-|-5-----5---5-5-5-| E:-5-----5---5-5-5-|-3-----3---3-3-3-|-5-----5---5-5-5-|-3-----3---3-3-3-| For the verse and chorus, play this rhythmic style (with ad-lib) along with the chords shown.
For the PRE-CHORUS, play this: words... F G F G F E F + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-1---1---1---3---|-3---3---1---1---|-1---3---3---3---|-1-----0-------1-| B:-1---1---1---3---|-3---3---1---1---|-1---3---3---3---|-1-----0-------1-| G:-2---2---2---4---|-4---4---2---2---|-2---4---4---4---|-2-----1-------2-| D:-3---3---3---5---|-5---5---3---3---|-3---5---5---5---|-3-----2-------3-| A:-3---3---3---5---|-5---5---3---3---|-3---5---5---5---|-3-----2-------3-| E:-1---1---1---3---|-3---3---1---1---|-1---3---3---3---|-1-----0-------1-| words... G A G + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-------3---------|---------.---0---0---0---0---0---|-3---------------| B:-------3---------|-----.---1---3/5-5---5---5---5---|-3---------------| G:-------4---------|-----2-----x---------------------|-4---------------| D:-------5---------|---------------------------------|-5---------------| A:-------5---------|---------------------------------|-5---------------| E:-------3---------|-0h3-----------------------------|-3---------------|
For the BRIDGE, play this with ad-lib and random instrument solo: play 4x Em7/B D Em7 + + + + + + + + e:---------7-------7-----7-----7---|-------7-----7-------7-7-7---7-7-| B:---------8-------8-----8-----8---|-5-----8-----8-------7-7-8p7-7-7-| G:---------7-------7-----7-----7---|-5-----7-----7-------7-7-7---7-7-| D:---------9-------7-----7-----7---|-5-----7-----9-------7-7-9p7-7-7-| A:---------7-------7---------------|---------------------------------| E:---------7-------7---------------|---------------------------------| play 4x Em7 + + + + + + + + e:---7---7-7---------7---7-7-7-7-7-|---7---7-7---------7---7-7-7-7-7-| B:---7---8-8---------7---8-8-8-8-8-|---7---8-8---------7---8-8-8-8-8-| G:---7---7-7---------7---7-7-7-7-7-|---7---7-7---------7---7-7-7-7-7-| D:---7---9-9---------7---9-9-9-9-9-|---7---9-9---------7---9-9-9-9-9-| A:---------------------------------|---------------------------------| E:---------------------------------|---------------------------------| then play VERSE FIGURE 4x
play intro A G A Up and down puppies' hair fleas and ticks jump everywhere G 'Cause of original sin A G A Down the hill fell Jack and Jill and you came tumbling after G 'Cause of original sin
PRE-CHORUS F G F G Rip away the tears drink a hope to happy years F E F G A... And you may find a lifetime's passed you by CHORUS G A What would you say G Don't drop the big one A If you a monkey on a string G Well don't cut my lifeline A If you a doggy on a chain G Well don't bite the mailman A What would you say
I was there when the bear ate his hand thought it was a candy Everyone goes in the end Knock knock on the door who's it for there's nobody in here Look in the mirror my friend
PRE-CHORUS I don't understand at best and cannot speak for all the rest The morning rise a lifetime's passed me by CHORUS What would you say Don't drop the big one If you a monkey on a string Well don't cut my lifeline If you a doggy on a chain Don't bite the mailman What would you say
Every dog has it's day every day has it's way of being forgotten Mom it's my birthday would you say And what could you say What would you say
I was there when the bear ate his hand thought it was a candy Everyone goes in the end Knock knock on the door who's it for there's nobody in here Look in the mirror my friend
PRE-CHORUS I don't understand at best and cannot speak for all the rest The morning rise a lifetime's passed me by A What would you say

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Created on 7-13-98 and 8-12-98 by Daniel E. Smith.