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This page contains responses from the survey I used to have on this page.

Who is your favorite Eagles member and why?

	Henley because he is one of the greatest storytellers of my
		generation --Mary Davila
	Schmit because he has a beautiful voice and he is very very
		good looking --Sandra Taylor
	Felder because he is the best guitarists EVER --Michael Adams
	Henley because you gotta love his vocals --Kevin Neary
	Walsh because he's a true individual, he's got a great sense of
		humor, and his music speaks to me more than anyone else
			--Tricia Tenpenny
	Schmit because I love his voice...it is sweet and pure in a way.
			--Jeanine Claar
	Felder because he causes me to appreciate music even though I
		have no musical knowledge or ability.  He puts emotion
		into his playing, and that I can understand.
			--Linda Weekley
	Felder because if it wasn't for his genius, many classics would
		not have been made.  He is a SUPERB guitarist.
			--Javier Gonzales
	Glenn is the most musically apt of all the Eagles, and without a
		doubt has the best voice of the group if not all of
		rock-n-roll.  --James
	Henley because he is a musical genius.  He proves this in his
		writing for the Eagles and in his solo work.  He has an
		incredible voice and has a great ear for music.
			--Matt Johns
	Henley because Don is one of the most talented songwriters that
		I've ever had the pleasure to hear. --Billy David Williams
	Glenn because I believe he was the most vital part of the Eagles.
		Without his multi-talents and staright-forward personality,
		the Eagles might not have gotten as far as they did with
		the variety and composition of their music. --Jeff Felix
	Felder.  I saw the first show in 14 years at the Irvine Meadows
		Amph.  If you could have seen Don's face you would have known
		that he was totally in his element.  His smile could have lit
		Los Angeles.  Not to mention those infamous HC chords.
	Henley because I think he presented the vision and the quality
		songwriting that makes or breaks a band.  The Eagles would
		never have become what they are today if it wasn't for
		Henley's expert songwriting and distinctive voice. --Andrew

Why do you like the Eagles? I can relate to where their music comes from. We're all in the same age group --(unknown) The quality of their playing, as evidenced by this tour --Kevin Rodick They are very diverse: from country to hard rock --Nick Schindler Their songs transcend time...they're just as fresh now as 20 years ago --Tom They bring back the fondest memories of better days for me --Rick Terry Their songs are about real life --John Schoolfield The Eagles always set my mind at ease when I listen to them. This band is the most outstanding band ever assembled; there is nothing better --Kyle Staebell Their music is honest and more in tune to how I think than anything else I listen to --Alissa Franck I'm from before the video generation, when all you had was the album jackets, lyrics, and your imagination. --Jen Nelson Their music is fun, serious, and thought-provoking all at the same time --L&M, from the FastLane Their music is timeless. Right on into the 21st century, generations of young people will be listening to the Eagles and saying "This is great music". Many older people are surprised that I like the Eagles. I don't think there will ever be a band that will have such an impact and influence on the music industry. --Mark Earl The Eagles successfully capture the evolution of Southern California living...during the 1970's in some of the best soft and hard rock pieces...from that era. --Ian R. They can do everything well, from the light country feel that was found on their first three albums to the electricly-driven rock of their later albums. --Ben Franz Every one of their songs has kind of a meaning to it, just like the Wasted Time letter on your page. I think they make the best music I've ever heard. --Joseph S. I love listening to the guitar parts in all their songs. I play guitar and hope someday to be like Don Felder. These guys are the best thing that ever happened to rock-n-roll, let alone music. They had a sound all their own and couldn't be classified with many other groups. --Jason Dieckmann Their vocal harmony is like nothing I've ever heard before. Their voices blend together so well that the feelings in every lyric seem to come alive. --Tahirah AbuBakar When I was sixteen and living in Paris for a year, desperately homesick and too proud to admit it, I heard Hotel California played for the first time in an Italian restaurant on the Boulevard St. Michel, and was forever grateful to the Eagles for getting me through a tough year. --Nora McKenna Their country-rock sound, acoustically flavored, especially when they incorporated the talents of Bernie. --Ron Ander They have no fixed style, yet one can always recognize their work. --Ian Weber Their music makes me think of simpler times, when my parents were younger, and life was still an adventure. --Alicia Manuel The group's music is so broad. I like classic rock and a little country and you get both with the Eagles. Desperado to Life in the Fast Lane. There music is what the 70's were all about to me. --Lee

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