American Tune
Paul Simon

Simon & Garfunkel
The Concert in Central Park
Paul Simon originally did this on one of his solo albums,
but S&G did a great version on their concert album, so I'm
going to figure that one out here.  It is my favorite song
from the album and I hope you love it too.


Capo 2nd Every time you see something like this first chord in the tab, it means slowly strum it once. Then continue picking. C + + + + e:-^0---0---0---0---| B:-^1---1---1---1---| G:-^0---0---0---0---| D:-^2---------------| A:-^3-3---3---3-----| E:------------------|
This part is the verse. He does different things the second and third times, but the chords stay the same. Many's the time I've been mistaken And C F C G7 C/E G E7 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-^0---0---0---0---|-0---0---0---0---|-1---0---1---0---|-------------0---| B:-^1---1---1---1---|-1---1---1---1---|-1---1---0---1---|-----0---0---0---| G:-^0---0---0---0---|-0---0---0---0---|-2-----0---0-0---|---0-----1---1---| D:-^2---------------|-----------------|-3-------0---2---|-0-------0---0---| A:-^3-3---3---3---3-|---3---3---3---3-|-----3-----------|-----------------| E:------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| many times confused ...often felt forsaken and Am E7 Am C7 F C G7 C/E G E7 E7/D + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----0-----------|-------------^0---|-^1---0---1---0---|-------3-0---0---| B:-------------3---|-----1---1---^1---|-^1---1---0---1---|-0-1-3---0---0---| G:---2---2---1---1-|---2-----2---^3---|-^2---0---0---0---|-0-0-4---1---1---| D:-----------------|------------------|----------0---2---|-0-2-5---2---0---| A:-0---------------|-0-----0---0------|------3-----------|-----------------| E:---------0-------|------------------|------------------|-----------------| certainly misused But I'm alright I'm alright Am E7 Am C9 F G F C + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----0-----------|-----------------|-------1---------|-------1-------0-| B:---------0---3---|-----1---3---3---|-----1---------0-|-----1-------1---| G:---2---2-1---1---|---2---2-3---3---|---2---------0---|---2-------0-----| D:---------2---2---|-----------------|-----------0-----|-----------------| A:-0-------2---2---|-0-------3---3---|-----------------|---------3-------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-1-------3-------|-1---------------| ...weary to my bones Still I... be bright and bon F C G G# Am A7 D7 G C G D + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-^1-----0---------|------------------|-----2-----------|---------^2-------| B:-^2---1---0---0---|-1-----1-^2---2---|-1---1---0-----0-|---1---0-^3---3---| G:-^2---0-----0-----|-2---2---^0---0---|-2---2---0-----0-|---0---0-^2---2---| D:----3-----0---0---|---2-----^2-------|-0-0---0---------|---------^0-0---0-| A:------3-----------|-0-------^0-0---0-|-----------0-2---|-3----------------| E:----------3---4---|------------------|---------3-------|-----3------------| vivant so far away from home so far away from home G C F C G E7 E7/G# Am Dm7 C G C + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----^0---^1-------|------------------|-----1---|---3---0---------|-^0---0---0---0---| B:-0---^1---^1---1---|-------0-0---0----|-1---1---|-1---1---0---0---|-^1---1---1---1---| G:-0---^0---^2---0---|-----0---4---4----|-2---2---|-0-------0-----0-|-^0---0---0---0---| D:---0-^2---^3-----2-|---0-----0---0----|---------|-----------0-----|-^2---------------| A:---------------3---|------------------|-0-------|-3---------------|-^3-3---3---3---3-| E:-3-----------------|-3-------0---4----|---------|---------3-------|------------------|
This is the chorus. He plays this twice, for the two different lyrics. Notice that one measure is in 5/4 time. There are two guitars here, one doing this tab and another doing some other picking. and I dreamed I was dyin' I dreamed C G + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-0---0---0---0---|-0---0---0---0---|-0-----0-------------|-----0-----------| B:-1---1---1---1---|-1---1---1---1---|-1-----1-------------|-1---------------| G:-0---0---0---0---|-0---0---0---0---|-0-----0---------0---|-----------------| D:-----------------|-----------------|-------2-----0h2-----|-----------------| A:---3---3---3---3-|---3---3---3---3-|---3---3-------------|---------3-2-0---| E:-----------------|-----------------|---------------------|---------------3-| that my soul rose unexpectedly ...down on me smiled reassuringly and I dreamed I was G7 Am D7 G F C G + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----1-----------|---------2-------|---------------------|-----------------| B:-0---0-----0-----|-1-1-----1---1---|-0---0---1-------1---|-------0-------0-| G:-0---0-------0---|-2-----2-2-----2-|-0---0---2-------0---|---0-------0-----| D:---0-0---0-----0-|-----2---0-------|-----0---3---2-0-----|---------0---0---| A:-----------------|-0---------------|-----------------3---|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-3-------1-----------|-3---------------| flyin'... C + + + + e:-0---0---0---0---| B:-1---1---1---1---| G:-0---0---0---0---| D:-2---------------| A:-3-3---3---3---3-| E:-----------------|
Here is the end. C F C G7 C + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-0---0-----0-1-0-|---------0-------|-1---------------|-----1-----------|-^0--------------| B:-1---1---3-------|---3-1-----3-----|-1-------1-------|-----0-----------|-^1--------------| G:-0---0-----------|-----------------|-2-------0-------|-----0-----------|-^0--------------| D:-----------------|-----------------|-3---2-0---------|-----------------|-^2--------------| A:---3---3---------|-----------------|---------3---2-0-|-----------------|-^3--------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-3---------------|-----------------|
LYRICS: Many's the time I've been mistaken, and many times confused Yes and I've often felt forsaken, and certainly misused Ah but I'm alright, I'm alright I'm just weary to my bones Still you don't expect to be bright and bon vivant So far away from home, so far away from home And I don't know a soul whose not been battered; I don't have a friend who feels at ease I don't know a dream that's not been shattered or driven to it's knees But it's alright, it's alright For we live so well so long Still when I think of the road we're travelling on I wonder what's gone wrong, I can't help it I wonder what's gone wrong CHORUS And I dreamed I was dyin' I dreamed that my soul rose unexpectedly and looking down at me smiled reassuringly And I dreamed I was flyin' High up above my eyes could clearly see the Statue of Liberty sailing away to sea And I dreamed I was flyin' Well they come on the ship they call the Mayflower, they come on the ship that sailed the Moon We come in the age's most uncertain hour and sing an American tune Oooh and it's alright, it's alright it's alright You can be forever blessed Still tomorrow's gonna be another working day I'm tryin' to get some rest, that's all I'm trying: to get some rest

Chords: C/E xx2010 C9 x32333 E7/D xx0100 G# 4x0x04 (definitely a picking chord) E7/G# 4x0400 Dm7 xx0211 For other chords, check out my
Key to Chords.

Created on 5-16-97 by Daniel E. Smith.