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the harmonic minor scale
the best way to learn soloing is to practice it. my realaudio pages will help you do this. this page contains a minor-scale chord progression repeated many times and recorded as a realaudio file (28.8 kbps). if you don't have a realaudio player, click here to download one free. i hope you find this page useful! please e-mail me with comments about this or any of my pages!

harmonic minor scale realaudio stream 1
key of e minor

this file contains the following chord progression:
em	am	 b	  em
em	am  c/b	 c	  b 

to save this file for later use, right-click on the link above and choose "save link as..."
to get the most out of playing this progression, save the file and then play it over and over, trying different modes and patterns over it. you will begin to understand what sounds good over what chords and what notes to hit when. but it won't come overnight; you need to practice!!! enjoy this, use it, and keep playin' !
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