dansm's guitar scale lessons
the major scale
the major scale is the most used scale in popular music. this page will tell you what the major scale looks like. from there, i will teach you the seven modes of the major scale. so pick up your guitar and get ready to play some scales!
the major scale is made up of the following pattern of half and whole steps:

on standard musical notation, the g major scale looks like the diagram below. shown below that is the g major scale played on one string. notice the pattern of half and whole steps while you play this:

this pattern of half and whole steps will be important for the rest of the major scale lessons. try to get an understanding of how it sounds and how it feels to your ears. don't necessarily memorize the pattern; memorizing will not help you learn. get a feeling of how it sounds and remember it that way. everything from here on will be in the key of g major, just to provide continuity. move on to the ionian mode once you understand the pattern.
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