Glenn Frey


Here's another song off the Eagles' debut album.  Since Frey
wrote it, I have to love it!!  (You rule Glenn!)  Have fun
with it, and I hope most of you aren't sad by the time you're
done playing it.  It's in 3/4 time, just so you know.

INTRO. Play this twice; the chords are shown above the tab. Both the chords and tab are played by acoustics: C + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| B:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| G:-5~~~~~~~~~~-|-7~~~~~~~~~~-|-7/9~~~~~~~~-|-9\7-5-------| D:-------------|-------------|-------------|---------5---| A:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| E:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| F G + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| B:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| G:-------------|-5~~~~~~~~---|-5/7~~~~~~~~-|-7~~~~~~~~~~-| D:-5/7~~~~~~~~-|-----------7-|-------------|-------------| A:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| E:-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
C Cmaj7 F Most of us are sad C F No one lets it show Em Am I've been shadows of myself F G How was I to know
C Cmaj7 F Tell me starlit sun C F What will time allow Em Am We have brought our children here Dm G7 C Who can save them now
Fmaj7 Weeping woman try to smile Em Like the comin' dawn Fmaj7 Em Most of us are sad, it's true Fmaj7 G G7 Still we must go on
C Cmaj7 F Love was here today C F Oh the sun was bright Em Am I will sing you far away Dm G7 Love is here tonight
Guitar Solo C F C F Em Am Dm G7
C Cmaj7 F Most of us are sad C F No one lets it show Em Am I've been shadows of myself Dm G7 How was I to know
Outro: Fmaj7 Em Oooooooh___________ Fmaj7 Em Oooooooh___________
Chords: Fmaj7 xx3210 Cmaj7 x32000