Glenn Frey, John David Souther, Don Henley, & Jackson Browne


This is a really great song, even though it never made their Greatest Hits.
I stole this from OLGA, it was originally figured out by Angelo Taibi, and
his version is phenomenal, so he deserves all the credit.  Now, there's
an electric tab, figured out by me.  It appears after the chord and lyric
section.  Don't forget the capo, and if you have the album, check out the
Doolin-Dalton(reprise) section at the end.  So try this, and have a blast!

**Capo 2nd Fret**

	|	 |	|	|
	G  G/F#  Em     G       Em

	|	 |	|	|     |
	G  G7*   C      Em      A  C  G  D/F#

	  Em		 G
They were Doolin, Doolin-Dalton
	Em		G     G7*
High or low, it was the same
     C			 Em
Easy money and faithless women
	A       C	  G      B
Red-eye whiskey   for the pain.

Em				    G	       B
   Go down Bill Dalton, it must be God's will
Em				  G	   G7*
   Two brothers lyin' dead in Coffeyville.
C				   Em
   Two voices call to you from where they stood,
A					C	G
   "Lay down your lawbooks now, they're no damn good."

	       Em	      G
Better keep on movin', Doolin-Dalton
	  Em		  G     G7*
Till your shadow sets you free.
	      C			  Em
And if you're fast, and if you're lucky,
	 A     C		G
You will never see that hangin' tree.

	 Bm		G		C      C/B
Well the towns lay out across the dusty plain
     Am				       Em
Like graveyards filled with tombstones waitin' for the names
      G			G7*		C	C/B
And a man could use his back or use his brains
    Am					 D		      B7
But some just went stir-crazy Lord cause nothin ever changed

	  Em		    G
Tell Bill Doolin: "Met Bill Dalton"
	       Em		  G     G7*
He was workin' cheap, just bidin' time
	    C			 Em
And then he laughed and said I'm goin'
	  A	    C		    G	      D/F#   Em
And so he left that peaceful life behind......hind.....

	|	|	 |
	C  C/B  Am7  D9	 E


G7*	3230xx		D/F#	20023x
G/F#	2x0033		C/B	x2x010
Am	x02210		Am7	x02010
B7	x24242		D9	xx0210

ELECTRIC GUITAR **capo 2nd** {notes on this tab: The timing of vocals is incorrect, lyrics are provided so you know where you are in the tab. Also, remember that when you see an 10 in the tab, it is actually your 12th fret, but the capo makes it seem like it's your 10th.} {The first electric part comes during the second verse.} Electric guitar (clean tone) C Em A C G Two voices call...where they stood Lay down damn good. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----0-------0---|-----0-------0---|-----------------|-3-3---3---------| B:-----------------|-----------------|-----2-------2---|-------0---------| G:---0-------0-----|---0-------0-----|-----------------|-------0---------| D:-----------------|-----------------|---2-------2-----|-----------------| A:-3-------3-------|-2-------2-------|-0-------0-------|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| Rhythm Figure 1 (next 4 measures) (with distortion) Better keep on movin' Doolin' Dalton..'til your 1/2 1/2 + + + + + + + + e:-------------|--------11^------10----11^--|-10--------------| B:-------------|--------------------12------|-----------------| G:-------------|----------------------------|-----------------| D:-------------|----------------------------|-----------------| A:-------------|----------------------------|-----------------| E:-------------|----------------------------|-----------------| shadow sets you free. And if you're 1/2 1/2 + + + + + + + + e:--------11^------10----11^--|-10--------------| B:--------------------12------|-----------------| G:----------------------------|-----------------| D:----------------------------|-----------------| A:----------------------------|-----------------| E:----------------------------|-----------------| (with clean tone) C Em A C fast. if you're lucky You will never.. ..hangin' + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----0-------0---|-----0-------0---|-----------------| B:-----------------|-----------------|-----2-------1---| G:---0-------0-----|---0-------0-----|-----------------| D:-----------------|-----------------|---2-------2-----| A:-3-------3-------|-2-------2-------|-0-------3-------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G tree + + + + e:-----3-------3---| B:-----------------| G:---0-------0-----| D:-----------------| A:-----------------| E:-3-------3-------| {the electric stops for half of this verse, then enters on the G7} G G7 C C/B Am D B7 a man could use.. brains.. But some just went... nothin' ever changed + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-------------3---|-----0-------0---|-----0-----------|-----------------| B:-----------------|-----------------|-------------1---|-----3-------0---| G:-----------0-----|---0---0---0---0-|-----------------|---2-------2-----| D:-----------------|-----------------|---2---2---2---2-|-0-------1-------| A:-----------------|-3-------2-------|-0-------0-------|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| {They now play Rhythm Figure 1 again, then go into this outro} C Em A C G D/F# He laughed, said I'm goin' so he left that... ..behind....hind___ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-----0-------0---|-----0-------0---|-----------------|-----3-----------| B:-----------------|-----------------|-----2-------1---|-----------------| G:---0-------0-----|---0-------0-----|-----------------|---0-------------| D:-----------------|-----------------|---2-------2-----|-----------------| A:-3-------3-------|-2-------2-------|-0-------3-------|-----------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-3---------------| (with slight distortion) Em C C/B Am7 D9 Ooh_______________________________________________________________________ + + + + + + + + + + + + e:--------------------------------------|-----------------|-----------------| B:--------------------------------------|-----------------|-----------------| G:--------------------------------------|-----------------|-----------------| D:---------2/5-5/7-7/9-9/12-12----------|-10------9-------|-7-------7-------| A:-----------------------------14-12-10-|-----------------|-----------------| E:--------------------------------------|-----------------|-----------------| E _______________ + + + + e:-^0---------------| B:-^0---------------| G:-^9---------------| D:-^9---------------| A:-^7---------------| E:-^0---------------|

DOOLIN-DALTON (Reprise) Glenn Frey, John David Souther, Don Henley, & Jackson Browne Eagles from the album Desperado CAPO 2nd Fret [guitar tacet] [guitar in] (Em) C C/B Well the stage was set, the sun was sinkin' lowdown Am Em As they came to town to face another showdown G G7* C C/B The lawmen cleared the people from the street Am D B7 All you bloodthirsty bystanders well you try to find your seat Em G Watch 'em deulin', Doolin-Dalton Em G High or low, it's all the same C Em Easy money, and faithless women A C G Who will never kill the pain Em G Go down Bill Doolin don't you wonder why Em G G7* Sooner or later we all have to die C Em Sooner or later, that's a stone-cold fact A C G Four men ride out and only three ride back.