John David Souther & Don Henley

On the Border

This is another early Henley ballad, a great song which
is really easy to play. Once I got the opening I got the
rest of the song on the first run-through.  I will put
up the acoustic part and lyrics first, then I'll attempt
the electric part below.  Have fun!

INTRO (piano on 1st line, guitar enters on 2nd) All single-note runs are (g a c): C D Fm C C D Fm C G C You never cry like a lover should G C Sigh-ay-ay when it feels real good G C Or see the sky through the stone and wood G You never cry like a lover C D I thought I saw somebody I loved Fm C Sleepin' deep inside you C D If I could catch you at an unguarded moment Fm C I'd stay right there beside you
Verse and Chorus simile to above You never smile at me late at night Laugh out loud when we get it right You can't get loose if there's too much light You never smile like a lover (Try a little harder) I can't live with you baby (Harder) Can't live without it. (Try a little harder) And sometimes I believe in love But sometimes I doubt it
Bridge: Am G F But your life goes on Am Like a broken-down carousel G F Where somebody left the music on
Guitar Solo: | | | | Am Am/G F F/G Am Am/G F F/G Am Am/G I was hopin' you were the one F F/G I was hopin' you were the one Am Am/G I was hopin' you were the one F F#dim I was hopin' you were the one
This just repeats G C You never move like you used to do Pour it out when you're feelin' blue Somebody must have put some pain on you You never cry like a lover You never cry like a lover You never cry like a lover Cry (You never cry like a lover) You never cry (Cry like a lover) Come on and cry (You never cry like a lover) (Cry like a lover) Cry (You never cry like a lover) (Cry like a lover) (You never cry like a lover)
Chords: Fm 133111 Am/G 302210 F/G 3x3211 F#dim 2342xx
Here's the electric part to You Never Cry Like a Lover. Bernie has some great riffs in here, and I don't know if I've got them all right, but I tried. Good luck!
This is the intro, played the second time through the intro chords. Variations of this are played during each chorus, just play around with it to get it. It shouldn't be too hard.
C D F C 1 hold------> 1 hold------> 1/2 hold----> microtone bend + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:-10^~~~~~~~~-10r7-|-12^~~~~~~~~-12r9-|-9^~~~~~~~-9-9r7-|-7^r^~~~~~-------| B:------------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------| G:------------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------| D:------------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------| A:------------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------| E:------------------|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|
The next new guitar part occurs during the solo: F Am Am/G on_____ 1/2 + + + + + + + + . + + . + + . e:------------------|--------------------5---5~|~~----------5---5~~---------5---5~| B:------------------|------------///5--8-------|---///5---8---------///5--8-------| G:-----5-7-7^-7-5---|-5------------------------|----------------------------------| D:--/7------------7-|------7\\-----------------|----------------------------------| A:------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------------| E:------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------------|
F F/G 1/2 + + . + + . + + + + e:~~---------5---5~~---------5-----|-5---5~~-5~~////-----------------| B:---///5--8---------///5--8-----8-|---8-----------------------------| G:---------------------------------|-----------------------5-7^-.----| D:---------------------------------|----------------------------7--7-| A:---------------------------------|---------------------------------| E:---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
Am Am/G 1/2 1/2 1 1 1/2 + + + + + + + + e:---------------------------------|---------5-----------------------| B:---------------------------------|-------5---8-5-------------------| G:-5^--------------5-7-.--------5^-|---7^----------7^~~~-5---5---7^--| D:-----7~~~----//7-----7---7~~~----|-----------------------7---------| A:---------------------------------|---------------------------------| E:---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
F F/G 1 1 + + + + + + + + e:---------5----------------------|--------.-------5-5~~~~~~-5---7---| B:------5-----8--5----------------|--------8-----8-------------------| G:---7^------------7-5------------|-----7^---------------------------| D:---------------------7~~~~~-----|----------------------------------| A:--------------------------------|----------------------------------| E:--------------------------------|----------------------------------|
I was hoping you were the one. Am Am/G 1/2 hold--> 1/2 hold---> 1 + + + + + + + + e:-7^~~~~~~~~7rp5---7--7^~~|~~~~~~7r-7---5---5~~~\\----------| B:-------------------------|------------------------------5--| G:-------------------------|---------------------------7^----| D:-------------------------|---------------------------------| A:-------------------------|---------------------------------| E:-------------------------|---------------------------------|
I was hoping you were the one. F F/G 1 1/2 hold> + + + + + + + + e:-5-------------------------------|-5--7--5-10^~~~~~10rp7------17---| B:----8--5----------------------5--|-------------------------17------| G:---------7--5--------------7^----|---------------------------------| D:---------------7~~~~~~~\\--------|---------------------------------| A:---------------------------------|---------------------------------| E:---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
I was hoping you were the one. Am Am/G 1 hold----------> 1 + + + + + + + + e:-15^~~~~~~~~~15~~15rp12-----20^-20~~~~|~~~~~~~-17-20-17----------------------| B:--------------------------------------|-----------------20-17----------------| G:--------------------------------------|-----------------------19-17----------| D:--------------------------------------|-----------------------------19-17-19~| A:--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------| E:--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|
I was hoping you were the one. You never... F F#dim G 1/2 1/2 + + + + + + + + + + + + e:--------------------|-----------------------|-----------------| B:------.-------------|------------/12-14-14^~|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--| G:------17^-----------|-----------------------|-----------------| D:~~~~~~--------------|-----------------------|-----------------| A:--------------------|-----------------------|-----------------| E:--------------------|-----------------------|-----------------|
The rest is just a bit of the ending. Good luck! C G C G pain on you You never cry like a lover You never cry like + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:---------------.-------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| B:---------13/15\13------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| G:---------12/14\12------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| D:-----------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| A:-----------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| E:-----------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| C G C G a lover You never cry like a lover You never cry... + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + e:---------------.-|-----------------|---------------------------|-----------------| B:---------------5-|-----------------|---------13/15\13----------|-----------------| G:---------------5-|-----------------|---------12/14\12----------|-----------------| D:-----------------|-----------------|------------------14-12----|-----------------| A:-----------------|-----------------|------------------------15~|~~~~~------------| E:-----------------|-----------------|---------------------------|-----------------|