Timothy B. Schmit
Vocals & Bass Guitar

Born on October 30, 1947 in Sacramento, California

Joined the Eagles in 1977 upon the exit of Randy Meisner

Was previously a member of Poco

Best work: I Can't Tell You Why
Timothy is kind of the odd man out, I think. He was only around for one album yet gets to tour with the Eagles. He is a great bassist, and his singing allows him to stand out. Watching him play on the Hell Freezes Over video is such a pleasure, especially during New York Minute. He has a very peaceful voice which I enjoy listening to. I prefer Love Will Keep Us Alive to I Can't Tell You Why, but both are very good. However, I do wish Randy could have stayed with the band.
Timothy B. Schmit Songs Available:

Love Will Keep Us Alive
I Can't Tell You Why

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